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To be able to get free traffic, it’s important for you to dedicate enough effort (i.e. time) into the task.

The advantages from Free traffic sources If you’ve taken the proper steps initially your site will profit from these for a long duration.

Another advantage is that you do not need to pay any advertising funds.

Always be aware of:

  • It is not necessary to use every single one of the free traffic source.
  • It is beneficial to understand the sources of traffic that are available.
  • In addition, you’ll need to establish habits to choose and test the new free traffic sources.
  • Through conducting tests, will you discover what traffic sources are the most efficient for your product.
  • If you’re able to attract visitors through one particular source of traffic, you’ll identify the particulars and the process i.e. What exactly you need to do to allow the traffic source to function effectively when it comes to bringing visitors.
  • You must set up analytics tools to monitor (or monitor) the amount of traffic and performance. The best way to starting point is to set up Google Analytics on your website.
  • It is always possible to start by making a free traffic sites list.

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We’ve Researched them, Tested them, and Reviewed them. Make Money Online in 2022 & Beyond. Get Free Traffic To Your Product or Website Today!

The reason we started this site is that many of the resources we found were vague, thinly-veiled advertisements for paid traffic services. Paid traffic services can be useful, but finding them is not.

When someone offers you free website traffic, you can safely assume that they are not being completely honest. If they are going to be honest about it, they will simply tell you, “Look, we aren’t going to give you anything, but we’ll give you more information if you sign up for one of our paid traffic services.”

But there is nothing wrong with paying for website traffic if it is worth the money. Some of the paid traffic services we’ve found are not worth the money. Many of the free traffic services we found are worthless.

The real question is, Which services give you real value? Which ones deliver traffic that converts? The answers depend on your goals, so we are not going to give specific recommendations for any specific traffic services. But there are some general strategies for evaluating traffic services.

First, look at the tools they offer. Do they provide you with something you can’t get elsewhere? Do they open new doors for you? Second, look at the traffic volume. Most services advertise millions of visits per month, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much. High volume is great for attracting the attention of search engines, but for most purposes, you want high quality. Third, look at the conversion rates. They should also be high, but you don’t want them too high. Some services seem impressive based on absolute numbers, but users often don’t buy or don’t buy very much. Other services seem unimpressive based on absolute numbers, but conversion rates are often much higher. And, fourth, consider the price. Are the clicks cheap, or expensive? Are they one-time or recurring?

Traffic is the lifeblood of a website. Websites need people to visit them, and people need websites.

There are two ways to get more traffic. One way is to spend more money on advertising. This is expensive, and hard to get right. Even if it is done right, traffic will not come right away. It takes time for advertising to pay off.

A better way to increase traffic is to get more visitors. This is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s a way of making things easier for search engines to find. For example, if you put the word “Alaska” on your website, search engines will have a hard time finding it. But if you put “Alaska” in your site’s description, the search engine will find it more easily.

SEO is a lot of work. If your website is getting traffic from search engines, you’re doing well. If it’s not, you’re in trouble.

Every scientist has her own favorite story. Sometimes it begins with a discovery: some unexpected fact, some observation, some intriguing puzzle. Sometimes it begins with a puzzle: some deep question that seems unanswerable, some enigma that can’t be solved. Sometimes it begins with a hunch, a hunch that somehow seems to make sense.

These stories all have in common that they grew out of someone’s curiosity. The curiosity was free, it had no boss, and it had no deadline. The curiosity was self-directed. It had no purpose except itself; it wasn’t intended to answer some question, but to explore the unknown.

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How awesome it is to have more traffic for your site without spending a single dime! Now it’s a sure thing that many sites have articles that offer tips and guidelines on how to generate traffic using only free methods. Because it is possible, you don’t need to speed a single cent.

We’ve tested each and everyone for you!

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Although, it may take time to build an audience, to say honestly, I’m not going to beat around the bush with you. You may get better chances by paying for your advertisements, but at least you get a good fighting chance, with some of these free methods I’m about to show you below.

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Get free traffic to your website by communicating with and working with other people.

Begin with your family, customers, your friends or other bloggers, others within your local community and those in your field.

Tell Friends With Emails

Inform your friends by sending them an email with information about your brand new website. You can find their email addresses access via your email account of default (e.g. Gmail). They are, in essence, ones of your contacts, friends you have met (in actual life) or who you’ve already contacted.

It is efficient and can be easy to implement. This will give your brand new website an instant increase in traffic.

Tell Friends With Whatsapp

Open up Whatsapp. Send the URL of your website to your contacts and Whatsapp contacts. Send them a message letting them know that you’ve just launched a new website. Explain what they can do through (or can do on) your website.

Ask Friends To Link From Their Blogs

A friend of yours with an online blog to include an affiliate link (pointing at your website) within your “link exchange” or “friends” section. If I use the word “friend”, he/she obviously does not want to charge the cost of doing him an act of kindness like this. To show respect, you might need to include a link to their blog (from your blog or website).

It depends. The blog of your friend may receive some regular visitors on a daily basis. The visitors of their blog might click on the link to be directed to your website.

It’s simple to implement and will depend on whether most of your acquaintances have blogs.

Ask Friends To Blog About Your Website

Have a friend with blogs and write an essay and put it up on his or her blog, and add the link to your new website. In order to show respect, you might need to hyperlink back to their blog.

This approach is more effective for people who have a deeper connections to you, or if friends have blogs that are in the same field as your brand new site.

Ask Your Clients

If you own the business yourself and you have clients who are customers, you should ask them to add a link to their mobile or website linking to your website.

Some customers are not averse to having a link added to their website that gives credit (a hyperlink) to your site in the event that you’ve done a fantastic job for them.

Ask The Local Bloggers

Meet bloggers local to your city. The majority of bloggers leave their contact information (i.e. email addresses or contacts, etc.) to their websites. Make them aware of your website and the work you’re doing. Ask them if they would like to post a link to your website to your blog, as well as write an guest blog on your site.

This is contingent on the commitment of bloggers.

Connect With The Local Community

Begin to get acquainted with the people in your community. Some examples include like churches in your area, brick-and-mortar shop and so on. If they have websites, then you can provide assistance to them. Examples:

  • Provide them with suggestions for SEO suggestions.
  • Offer them suggestions regarding how to improve the amount of traffic to your website.
  • Create a logo or banners to promote them.

In return, you may request them to link from their site to yours.

You’ll need to put in some time and effort prior to the event using your imagination.


Blogs are an example of website. If you have blogs, you are able to write articles that offer information on a particular area that you’re working on. There are many topics you can discuss on your blog related to your field, such as new technology, breaking news and techniques, unique DIY guides, and so on.

Blogs are a way to build an online presence that is free by using Content marketing and SEO.

It can be based on your specific niche. For example, if , for instance, you run an online store selling products that are hard for users, then you can publish product guides on your blog and include a link to your website’s products.


Google’s Blogger (https://www.blogger.com/) is a blogging platform which allows anyone to create a blog for free with a Google account (or Gmail). If you create a brand new blog using Blogger the blog’s domain will automatically be placed by default on an “Blogspot” sub-domain by default. For instance:

  • yourchosenblogname.blogspot.com

If you own an e-commerce site, you may want to add your own blog that is hosted on Google’s blog platform. Your blog should include more information about the products you sell that aren’t listed on your website for ecommerce.


WordPress.com (https://wordpress.com/) – Not to be confused with WordPress.org. With WordPress you can create an unpaid blog that is hosted by the WordPress.com sub-domain, similar to the one below.

  • yourchosenblogname.wordpress.com


Tumblr (https://www.tumblr.com/) is a mini blog platform which is similar to Blogger and WordPress. Start a new blog for no cost on Tumblr which will then be hosted on a subdomainof:

  • yourchosenblogname.tumblr.com


Medium.com (https://medium.com/) is another blogging platform in which you can create a new blog for free. You can find on Medium several blogs that are focused on the area of information technology.


Search engines are often the first sources of traffic users (including marketers and bloggers) are using to bring free traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) traffic. Your site will begin to receive free organic traffic when you’ve optimized your website for SEO. In the majority of regions, Google gets more than 90% of all search queries (among all major search engines).

The benefit of SEO (search engine optimization) (SEO) is that you can complete all on-page SEO strategies for your new site SEO is applicable to all search engines.


Google (https://www.google.com) can give you the most organic search traffic, and your priority should be to optimize your new website for Google SEO.

Use search engine optimization on your website in order to get the most the organic (SEO) traffic coming from Google the world’s biggest search engine. Google SEO covers:

  • Apply on-page SEO.
  • Link building is a must (or Off-page SEO).
  • Follow the mobile SEO best practices.

Use the feedback from Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) to assist you in growing organic traffic to your site (i.e. Search Analytics) Find out the technical issues on your site (i.e. Index Status, Crawl Errors Mobile Usability) and learn about the appearance of your website’s search results (i.e. Structured Data, HTML Improvements, Accelerated Mobile Pages).

To optimize your site for better Google organic search rank (especially for mobile search rankings) Refer to my Mobile SEO Best Practices guide.


Bing (https://www.bing.com/) is the second mostly used search engine in the United States. It’s possible that the second is Yahoo however, technically Bing is more of a legitimate Search engine than Yahoo. You can get organic search traffic from Bing. If your website is performing very well on Google natural search results, it will be successful with Bing.

One advantage is that Yahoo utilizes Bing’s organic results. If your website page ranks in the top 10 of Bing for a specific keyword in addition, it will be ranked in Yahoo’s organic results page (SERP).


Yahoo (https://www.yahoo.com) was once the number one Internet portal site in the past, and used to drive lots of organic search traffic to many websites.

Yahoo utilizes Bing’s organic results for search. If your website pages are already high-ranking in Bing’s SERPs it will show on Yahoo’s search results pages.


Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/) is a bookmarking and sharing site for photos, and a search engine for image files.

  • Pinterest lets you post (or pin) images of your products or infographics.
  • On Pinterest the image or photo is called a Pin.
  • It is possible to include a Web URL (to your site) in your article.

Best practices to follow for working with Pinterest Boards and Pins.

  • Pin to the personal Board. You should have around 100-200 Pins per Board and that every Board’s Pin should be extremely specific to a particular topic (or thematic).
  • Search for Group Boards (that were made from another Pinterest members) and pin them. In this way, you’ll receive more attention to your pins.


Social media (or social media) is the act of connecting and socializing via social networks could consume an enormous amount of time, especially since there are numerous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Many social networks are listed included in top 10 websites traffic websites. The rewards could be significant in the long run when you put enough efforts and work into.


Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/) is the world’s largest social network. On Facebook users share every kind of topic that include content from all industries and sub-sectors.

Through Facebook you can look around your brand new site in many ways.

  • Share your website’s URL via Facebook with a brief description of the website. The post will be displayed on your timeline on Facebook, and your friends (or friends) will see the posting in feeds.
  • Join a Facebook group with a the topic (or thematic) is within your field of expertise. Public or closed groups can be used. Find other groups that are in your field to join. Start by posting something that is useful that is relevant to the subject of the group. Then , gradually post your site’s URL along with the description of what the site will be about as well as how the site’s contents can benefit anyone.
  • Create an account on Facebook for your brand (or web page). Make sure you share posts on your Fan page and encourage people to like as well as follow it. The principle is the same as before – if you continue to post things that can be useful to others (i.e. are beneficial to others) and over time, your fan page’s followers and likes will increase.

On Facebook posting content, it is crucial and should be done as a continuous process. For instance, every once in the course of a few days, you must publish (in the timeline). On other days, you can make posts in groups or on your Fan page.


LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/) is a professional social network in which you can show people your expertise.

  • Make an original article, and post it to your blog (or your blog). The content you write should be one that is directly related to your field of expertise or illustrates exactly what you offer on your site.
  • Write a brief summary of the article.
  • Share the summaries on Linkedin. In the summary you should include a backlink to the original article on your website.


Twitter (https://twitter.com/) is a social media platform which allows you to post short sentences, and in your “Tweet” you can include your website URL.

When you are posting on Twitter you should use an URL shortener tool like Bit.ly to create your URL.

  • Bit.ly reduces the length your URL.
  • It will give you the click data of your website’s URL.


Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/) is a topical sharing social site. On Reddit you can find various topics posted by users (i.e. Redditors). Redditors can either upvote or de-vote content. If you publish a piece of content that which other users like and then vote them up, you will earn Karma. Karma is a person’s “authority” in Reddit.

All content on Reddit is divided into Subreddits. You must locate the most appropriate Subreddit for your post (i.e. link). If you post in the incorrect subreddits, you could risk the content being taken down.

On Reddit Don’t make a big deal of yourself or your product by posting constant hyperlinks to your site. This can cause upset to other Redditors , and you could be slapped with downvotes, which can could negatively impact your Karma.

Begin by posting links that can be useful (or offer value) in the eyes of other visitors. Once you have earned enough Karma (i.e. authority) By then, you can try posting links on your website.


Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/) allows you to upload your videos for free. Make use of the huge audience of YouTube.

To drive traffic to Youtube You will need to make use of videos as an “medium”. That means you have to make videos that people love to watch and are willing to send with their friends.

An easy method is to present your products or services by putting them on Youtube. You can make an explainer video (to show off your services or products) by using Animaker or other video-making tools.

Another option is to develop an entire collection of instructional videos (as free tutorials or free courses on subjects related to your field) which provide value to or instruct viewers on Youtube. This requires a long-term commitment from you, but will pay off in time.

In your videos, you can include your website’s name and URL in a voice, or in printed text or subtitles. In the description of your YouTube video provide a description of the topic the video is about and then include a link to your website.

If you think your videos are good, make sure to remind your YouTube video users to “like” your videos or send them to friends.


Vimeo (https://vimeo.comVimeo (https://vimeo.com/) is a different video sharing website. The basic membership of Vimeo is free and permits you to upload up to 500MB of video content per week, or as much as 10 videos every day. You can make one channel, 1 group , and 3 albums using your basic account.

According to Vimeo’s guidelines, if your videos include advertisements or promotional materials for an organization or product and you wish to upgrade, then you must upgrade to Plus, Pro and Business subscriptions (in which you’ll need to pay a small amount per month).


The majority of forums allow customers and owners of the product to interact. On forums, the owners of the product are often able to get feedback from users about how the products are used and/or on how the product could be improved. When purchasing a product it’s helpful to find the way that existing customers have rated the product.

To gain traffic from forums, you need to think outside the box and also be helpful to fellow forum members. Establish trust in forums, and eventually you’ll see increased visitors and possibly the opportunity to start a new business. The effort you put into forums will be worth it in the end.


Warrior Forum (https://www.warriorforum.com/) has an Internet and digital marketing forum since 1997. If you are selling products that are made specifically for Internet marketers and digital marketers, this forum is the perfect location to gain traffic.

You’ll have to slowly establish your authority, credibility, and know-how for your area on the forum.

  • Create a signature line that highlights the advantages of your products or benefits you can offer digital marketers.
  • Take time to take part in discussions on forums, particularly on topics that are shared by other forum users. Interacting with forum users requires a lot of time and effort.
  • Create valuable content that is easily shared. Find the right discussion boards where you can place your content.

DigitalPoint Forum

Similar to WarriorForum, the DigitalPoint Forum (https://forums.digitalpoint.com/) is an online community started in the early years and is specialized in marketing and webmaster topics.


Quora (https://www.quora.com/) is an “question and answer” (Q & A) site. On Quora, you can:

  • Write responses to questions that were submitted on Quora by others. Quora users.
  • Downvote or upvote other users for their answers.
  • You can either downvote or upvote the other users asking questions.
  • You can ask a new question (if you are unable to find an the answer to your specific question).
  • Connect with other members.
  • Follow a topic, such as SEO (https://www.quora.com/topic/Search-Engine-Optimization-SEO).
  • Follow a question. For instance ” What are the top Tips to optimize your website for Baidu?”.
  • Write comments to a question.
  • Make comments to the answers of other users.

For answers or questions you’ve posted on Quora Other users are able to vote up or down, and make comments to them.

The most effective practices to use Quora are:

  • When you answer questions from other users Do give the most value you can.
  • If it is appropriate (or pertinent) In your responses, if appropriate (or relevant) you can provide a link to your website to help other users find it.

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The list of traffic free sources includes the traffic channels of blog platforms, search engines social networks, photo/document sharing websites video platforms classified sites forums on the internet, Q&A websites and other sites.

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